6 Times Bollywood Celebs Were Way Too Proud Of Themselves

How well have they taken stardom?

1) Shah Rukh Khan

'I truly believe that no actor can touch me.'

2) Kareena Kapoor Khan

'I realised, I wanted to be an actress from the day I was "out" in hospital. I think instead of the word mom, I said the word "films".'

3) Sonam Kapoor

"I am considered an icon at the age of 20 when people like after 40s or after they die are considered as icons. It's just amazing."

4) Priyanka Chopra

"I am well-spoken and people find me charming, though very few people deserve my attention. I am very elitist like that and don't like giving attention to everyone... I consider myself a good brand ambassador."

5) Bipasha Basu

"If a girl wears a shirt and a skirt, does she become more sensuous? I think a girl in a sari is more sensuous than a girl in a skirt. In my opinion, a wet sari is the most sensuous."

6) Abhishek Bachchan

"Uday Chopra and I are 'DHOOM'. The other characters may come and go. But we go on forever. Like Batman and Robin."