Whoa! Aishwarya Rai is Completely Unrecognisable in This Really Old Commercial...

And it's definitely going to make you cringe a little bit!




Paying aid to the standard #ThrowbackThursday posts, we've got a mega-cringeworthy video of Aishwarya Rai, featuring in an old sari commercial.

Can we just pause a minute and thank the Internet for giving us gems like these? Apparently, this one is from the good old-days where Aishwarya had just won the Miss World title, and was determined to make her way into the film industry.

Like every budding actor she started off with TV commercials, slightly embarrassing adverts to say the least. But, this one isn't just any other old advert, it's one of her first few and it's brought to us all the way from South Africa! No, we're really not kidding.

A sari commercial in South Africa, do we really need to say more? To be fair, Aishwarya still looks stunning, but the fact that she's hiding behind trees, running into the woods–all whilst holding a peacock feather (might we add), kinda makes for a hilarious throwback video, one that she really wouldn't want Bollywood to find.

Bonus: Don't forget to crank up your volume and listen to the brilliant voiceover, it's definitely going to leave you in stitches. Also, look out for Sonali Bendre, making a small cameo in the video.

We're going to stop right there and let you see for yourselves. Aishwarya fans, brace yourself, this video is going to take you wayyy back.

[youtube ]https://youtu.be/pypT9YYOMsA[/youtube]