Kareena Kapoor And Her Squad Have the Strangest Name For Their WhatsApp Group!

...and it's not what you would expect!




While the West is mesmerised by Taylor Swift and her girl gang for the longest time, Bollywood has its own gorgeous set of 'besties', strutting about in style giving everyone major #SquadGoals every now and then.

This hot and happening power girl gang which includes―Kareena Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor, Malaika Arora and Amrita Arora―regularly post about their fun dates, group workout sessions, salon sessions and vacation selfies on social media, and boy are we envious!

Karan Johar—Bollywood's favourite director who is famous for using the word, 'conjecture' is also a very close friend of the squad, especially Kareena Kapoor. Maybe, its their common love for gossip and "judging-in-good-sport" attitude, as admitted by them on KJo's infamous talk-show, Koffee With Karan!

On that note, according to an article on DNA, Kareena Kapoor and her squad have a WhatsApp group which also includes Karan Johar, and you'd never guess what is the name (err purpose?) of that group!

Reportedly, they have named the WhatsApp group as―wait for it―Guts! Don't scratch your head in confusion. The secret behind this ingenious group title lies in its content. Apparently, the whole squad gets together to discuss the 'guts' of other celebs showcased at various incidents! For instance, like "X had the guts to do this in public" or "Y had the guts to say this on national television"—you know how it goes.

While one would always 'conjecture' that this 'IT' squad of Bollywood is a powerhouse of gossip and interesting trivia or opinions, this little piece of inside info sure does throw some more light on it!

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