We May Get to See Kangana Ranaut And Karan Johar Together Again!

#Flashback to last year's Koffee With Karan...

Not another 'nepotism' debate, please! Remember last year's Koffee With Karan episode featuring Kangana Ranaut? Yes, the same episode that skyrocketed off the charts―be it TRPs, entertainment tabloids, social media banters, news room discussions...it was effin' everywhere!

If we tell you the 'Mother of Controversies', the motor mouth (but for good), and the rebel (with a cause), Kangana Ranaut is co-starring with the "Flag Bearer of Nepotism", Karan Johar for a reality show yet again, we know it'll get you excited (obvs).

The two Ks which are enough to shake the entertainment tabloids and are regulars in making headlines are coming for a reality show—India's Next Superstar. But what makes us wonder is the fact that have the two stars buried the fued? Or is it just a 'professional commitment' that both the celebrities are supposed to do.

"I am looking forward to being on the show. It is a professional commitment for which I'm being paid. What is delightful is that Karan is okay with doing the show with me and seems to be slowly warming up to me," Kangana told a leading website.

Kangana and Karan will be sharing the same judging panel and we're sure that they'll share a few words with each other as well...(willingly or unwillingly) for the camera.

Will this give rise to a new controversy? Anything, but not the beaten-to-death-and-covered-to-the-moon-and-back 'Nepotism' debate, please.