Snapchat Is NOT Happy With Kylie Jenner's Latest Tweet

Apparently, she's 'sooo over' the social media app.

When we say (in many of our past stories) "The Kardashians rule the world", we ain't playing no games. What with big sister, Kim K breaking the Internet like it's NBD and then the li'l sissy breaks the stock market with ONE. SINGLE. TWEET. Momma Kris Jenner ain't raised no social media laggards and the power 'K' is what it runs on.

Recently, our beloved makeup mogul—the reality TV star, entrepreneur, biggest social media influencer in the world, model, the richest Kardashian, and a new momma, who (we hate to say this) is still 20—tweeted something shady enough to shake social media app, Snapchat's parent market value.

First things first—do you like Snapchat's new update? Or have you been able to get used to the new interface, which makes it hard to follow up with your friend's updates on the app?

Well, Kylie isn't the ONLY one getting snippy at Snapchat, many users have also expressed their disgrace at the new update.

P.S. It's JUST not you Kylie, it's us raising our hands too.

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/KylieJenner/status/966429897118728192[/twitter]

Before becoming a major social media influencer, Kylie was super active on Snapchat, and actually made it a 'thing' in pop culture. Her lip-kit sneak-peeks and major announcements have always made their first appearance on Snapchat, before she posted them on any other social media. So, for a Snap lover like King Kylie to take a diss at the app and declaring it dead has led to its users destroying and further plummeting its stocks.

Companies should keep an eye on such tweets and be prepared for the damage control, we'd say. Especially, when your value is already declining.

What say, Kylie?

She later expressed her love for the app, in another tweet:

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/KylieJenner/status/966432754089918465[/twitter]

Kylie's tweet has been so influential that reportedly Snapchat lost $1.3 billion (11,000 Cr app.) in value! Wow! What next?