So This is How Priyanka Chopra Bagged Her Invite to the British Royal Wedding

Bonus: Her thoughts on what she'd get Meghan as her wedding gift!

Spearheading the promotions for her upcoming show on ABC, Quantico, Priyanka Chopra was at her wittiest and charismatic best at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, amongst other American chat shows.


PeeCee is on a globetrotting mission and chills with many Hollywood biggies, and boy are we jealous! Everyone knows that she is even friends with the soon-to-be addition in the British Royal Family, Meghan Markle, who is set to have a wedding with Prince Harry on the 19th of May, this year.

So when Jimmy prodded her on how she managed to get invited to the Royal Wedding, PeeCee was all game and revealed how she "got scammed" into it. She also revealed how they met at the ELLE Women in Television dinner, and got along really well, since incidentally, they both were shooting in Canada at that time. Not just that, Chopra also taught Fallon how to say "Bitch, please" in ASL! Watch the video footage below for some of their antics :

In fact, the "Quantico" star appeared live on GMA (Good Morning America) to discuss her latest projects, best career advice and the upcoming royal wedding. When a little girl asked her what did she intend to gift her friend Meghan on her wedding, for a minute PeeCee was at a loss of words. But the sport that she is, she answered the li'l girl pluckily saying,"I've been struggling with that myself!" 

Watch the video at 3.33 to see what she finally said. 

Well, after this we have another reason to be excited for the Royal Wedding!