Janhvi Kapoor: "I Have Seen Only 5 of My Mother's Films"

Here's what Janhvi feels about being compared to her mother, Sridevi.

When you're hailing from a family that has such a strong film career, and your mother was a cinematic legend — there's bound to be some pressure of expectations. Janhvi Kapoor was no different, and openly talks about her journey of Dhadak. Her debut film released last month, and there have been mixed feelings about her skills as an actor.

Besides the content of the film, there were comparisons drawn between Janhvi and her late mother Sridevi. When India Today questioned her about the same, the 21-year-old said,

"I am not thinking about it at all. I neither followed her acting style nor tried to stay away from it in my film Dhadak. Frankly, I have seen only five of my mother's films."

Sridevi's career spans across regional boundaries and she has more than 300 films in her kitty. Her daughter boldly admitted to watching only five of them, which just shows how she was unperturbed by her mom's success as an artiste, and only believed in honing her own talent.

In conversation with DNA, Janhvi further talked about dealing with the pressure.

"Earlier, that was something my mom would worry about. She had once said, ‘I hope you’re not compared to me because I have done 300 films and this is your first’. I, somehow, never thought about it. I feel the pressure more now than I did when I was shooting Dhadak. I hope that since my family, especially my mom, has got so much love I don’t disappoint the fans. I am trying to create my own identity, too."

It's extremely sad that Sridevi couldn't watch her daughter's debut film. She did, however, manage to see some bits of it while it was still being shot. And here's how she reacted to them,

"She was very honest. The thing with her was that she never gave compliments easily. She loved me a lot, but I had to accomplish something to get a compliment from her. She would always tell me that her mom never told her when she had acted well or praised her for a good shot. Maybe, she was reserving her comments for the film’s release. But yes, after seeing the rushes, she was very happy and said a lot of sweet things. She was definitely proud. "


As far as future projects are concerned, Janhvi mentioned that she is in no hurry to sign films, and wants to wait to know what the audience thinks about her.