Priyanka Chopra's Comment On Mama Jonas's Dance Video is Adorable AF

Looks like the two get along very well, already!

The latest addition to Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's engagement gallery was this absolutely adorbs video of the mothers of the happy couple shaking a leg to a popular Punjabi song. It seemed like Madhu Chopra was teaching Denise Jonas how to groove to the catchy tunes of the music we all love so much whenever there's a celebration in the Indian household.

You've probably looked at the video a dozen times now (we're not judging, it is too cute!). But ICYMI, here is the video which Mama D Jonas posted on her Instagram.


The "I miss you" in the caption caught our eye, and just further shows how fond the two families have grown of each other! But it was Priyanka's comment on her to-be mom-in-law's Instagram post that is the icing on the cake. Missed it? Have a look:

This statement is basically PeeCee fondly referring her to-be mom-in-law as the groom's mother in Punjabi, a language which has probably always been alien to the Jonas fam. Atleast, until now. 


From dancing on Punjabi numbers, to even being spoken to in the language, it sure seems that the Jonas' are learning a lot about India and Priyanka's roots. And clearly, they're lovin' it!





Aren't they sweetest?