Here's What Karan Johar Has to Say About Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor's Rivalry

It was high time somebody addressed it.

Ever since Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor bagged their first Bollywood projects, the inevitable comparisons between the two of them started. Both the star-kids already had the pressure of taking their parent's legacy forward, and then to add an unhealthy competition to the equation was simply not fair.




During the promotions of Janhvi's debut movie, Dhadak, she was asked a lot of times about the pressure of competing with her contemporaries. The young actor had a pretty cool response to it. She said, "People love pitting women against each other. But in reality, we can be happy and celebrate each other’s success. It’s easy to co-exist, if you are doing a good job." 

Recently, director Karan Johar, who has played an important role in both Sara and Janhvi's career was asked who between the two of them will win more awards. Here's what he said:

"Two girls, who are 21-22 years old — if at this stage we start comparisons then it’s not fair. Both of them are wonderful, beautiful, and they work very hard… awards will never matter. The work they do, the love they get from people is every award."


Well said, KJo.