Alia Bhatt Reveals How She Handles the Constant Pressure to Look Good

She is totally ok with being lazy, and says she likes to dress for herself

In today's Social Media obsessed times, most Bollywood actors have their picture clicked just about every time they step out their homes. Be it at events, promotions, airports or even outside the gym, there is literally a gazillion cameras trained on B-town stars, just waiting to capture their every move.


Being in the limelight every single minute might sound glamorous, but it can get quite exhausting. Not only do you have to watch your every move, but there is also a constant pressure to look well-dressed and have your hair and makeup perfect, which can become the source of potential stress. In a recent interview with Bombay Times, Alia Bhatt opened up about how she deals with the pressure to look good. Being a popular, young actor, there are a lot of girls who look-up to Alia as a role model  and try to emulate her sense of style.


 So, what advice does Alia have to offer when it comes to handling this constant stress? The Gully Boy actor shared that at the end of the day, a photo is a photo and not the end of the world. She also stated that there are days when she feels lazy and she doesn’t get ready at all! She revealed that she only dresses up for herself and hence, there is no pressure. Here’s what she had to say:

“It is overwhelming only if you let it become so. I don’t consider dressing up as overwhelming, as I do it as much for myself. In fact, I enjoy it. Some days, I don’t dress up as I don’t feel like it, and it is fine. It’s just a picture after all; it is not the end of the world. I get overwhelmed only when my film is about to release as you are reminded of all the effort that went into making it. But it’s also funny how the minute the film releases, all the anxiety goes away. Then I just say… whatever has to happen, will happen.”

That’s some pretty sound advice when it comes to dealing with stress and owning your sense of style, don’t you think?