This Actress Cut Off All Her Hair to Send Out a Message to Young Kids With Cancer

And it's inspiring as hell!




​When you or I decide to cut all our hair off, it may be a big step, but it's not really path breaking. It doesn't start a social campaign that could influence millions. But when actors decide to change their look even a little bit, there's a lot to think about. And it makes headlines no matter what!

So when the news of Clare Bowen popped up on my newsfeed, I was intrigued. What in the world would have tempted a full time actress (she plays Scarlett O'Connor in the hit ABC series Nashville) to chop off her lovely, long locks? So, I read the story. And here's what I found out:

[facebook ]https://www.facebook.com/clarembee/photos/a.690989984268984.1073741829.688407977860518/1037820066252639/?type=3&theater[/facebook]

Remarkable, right?

It's amazing that people today are taking such strong stands to challenge and change the face of beauty. And the idea that you can be a princess with or without the long hair is a simple and powerful message. Remember The Nameless Doll? The Tumblr artist who recreated Disney princesses with short, and in some cases no hair? It was a brave and empowering move!

So it's no wonder that people are going crazy about Clare Bowen's latest makeover. And I'm definitely loving her new look.

At the end of it, "it's just hair". You're a princess regardless!