This Well-Known Delhi Photographer Just Got Slammed with Multiple Accusations of Sexual Harassment

And the survivors are blogging about it!




The issue regarding sexual harassment of women is one that we've been trying to fight for a while. And in the fight against this, there's been the obvious talk about feminism. How women should stand up, speak up, and set the ball rolling if they want to see a change.

So, it comes as no shock, when I read a post about this blog that's going viral on social media. A blog that's publishing the voices of many women who have been sexually harassed. And all by the same man.

If you're from Delhi then you've probably heard of Manik Katyal, he's a high-profile photographer who also happens to the founder of Emaho, a magazine that publishes the best creative talent out there, and the main focus being photography, of course.

Now, the blog, I was harassed by Manik Katyal, has been going viral for a while, since November 4 to be exact, but the stories of these women go back to as long as 2011.

There's even a Facebook page called Boycott Manik Katyal that has posts from other people around the world. And there are also pictures of messages and Facebook chats to go with those posts.

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But what's most shocking is the fact that Emaho recently announced the formation of a Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Committee. The irony! And that announcement is what gave rise to the first post. The hypocrisy of it all has gotten to many women and they're finally calling him out.

Now, Manik Katyal has decided to seek legal council to deal with the allegations. His exact words were, "Emaho and me, it has come to my notice, very recently, that my electronic databases - in social media and email servers may have been compromised, without my knowledge of this parallel or unauthorised access. Such unscrupulous persons I believe have been sending out offending material, posing at me, for several months. I have now upon realising that something is amiss, have approached experts for technical and legal assistance."

But the word's out there, and people are furious. And if there's anything to take away from this, it's the fact that we have to speak out. Not tomorrow, not a year later, but today. Because the minute we decide to stand up, others will to.

#IwasharassedbyManikKatyal is proof!​