Salman Khan Has Been Acquitted of All Charges in the 2002 Hit and Run Case

The actor had appeared in the Bombay High Court with the appeal to overturn the sessions court verdict of 5 years of rigorous imprisonment.




Bombay High Court has acquitted Salman Khan of all charges in the 2002 hit and run case, in which a man was killed after he allegedly ran over his car over 5 pedestrians sleeping on the footpath.

On this, Justice A.R Joshi said that Salman Khan could not be convicted because the ​"prosecution has failed to prove the charges on all counts".

This judgement has overruled the sessions court verdict, which sentenced Salman Khan to 5 years of rigorous imprisonment.

​The court also questioned the credibility of Khan's bodyguard Ravindra Patil, who was an important witness for the prosecution. Patil had said that Salman Khan was driving drunk and had repeatedly ignored his warnings. The judge noted that Patil was the only person to say that Khan was behind the wheel.

Justice Joshi also noted that the actor cannot be convicted based on the evidence submitted by the prosecution and the ​"various shortcomings in investigations and the prosecution's evidence". He also added, "Doubt arises over involvement of appellant on charges … Investigation was conducted in faulty manner with scant regard to procedure."

Salman Khan's fans are already celebrating his aquittal outside his home.