Deepika Padukone Is Now LEGIT The Highest Paid Actress In Bollywood

Move over, Kangana.




Well, we all were kind of surprised when the Deepika didn't hit it out of the park the first time around, since the woman is clearly in the Queen Bee league, but it looks like she finally made it to the top rung. 

With her badge value just rising higher and higher in the ranks with films like Piku and, most recently, Bajirao Mastani, her fee has apparently hit a 15 crore a film, a record high and a total fist-bump moment for girl power!

Word has it she's also going Hollywood now. And if you've bagged a Vin  Diesel flick AND the heaviest cheque the Bolly biz can sign, we're just going to say...welcome to the creamy layer, Deepika. The title is officially yours.