You Won't Believe Who is the Latest Fan of Sonam Kapoor's 'Neerja'!

Hint: Her story about conquering her fear is one of the most inspiring ones we've heard in recent times.




Sonam Kapoor's 'Neerja', the biopic on Neerja Bhanot, is gathering accolades from everywhere, with critics and audiences praising the movie and the performances by the lead actors.

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The latest to join the ranks of admirers is the youngest ever Nobel Prize laureate Malal Yousafzai, whose story of how she was shot by a Taliban gunman while advocating girls' right to education in Pakistan has inspired millions across the globe.

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Sonam Kapoor shared this on her Instagram recently, drawing a parallel between Malala's abd Neerja's story on how they conquered their fears and thanking her for attending the private screening in London:

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