Henry Cavill (AKA Superman) has Cleared All Doubts Whether Clark Kent's Disguise Works or Not...

The actor posted a video on his Instagram, settling the debate once and for all!

It has been an age-old debate, and stuff of hilarious internet memes, whether Clark Kent's glasses are enough of a disguise, to basically hide the fact that he is Superman, or not, and Henry Cavill has cleared that it is, in fact, good enough!

The Man of Steel actor posted a video of himself standing in Times Square, one of the busiest areas of New York, where huge posters of his upcoming film Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, have been plastered everywhere, and still went unnoticed by the crowd! He even wore a Superman t-shirt to emphasize his point!

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/BDBit1wA5kb/?taken-by=henrycavill[/instagram]

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