7 Things Nobody Else Knows About Anushka Sharma...

..like how she thinks all men are hilarious




​#1. She wants to be a great mother

"In 50 years, more than anything, I hope to be remembered for being a good mother."

#2. Her pet peeve is lizards

"Oh my god, I'm SO terrified of them!"

#3. If she had to invite five people to dinner, they'd be...

"​Ryan Gosling, Natalie Portman, Federer, Benazir Bhutto and Jennifer Lawrence.​"

#4. She thinks most men are naturally funny.

​"You know, for some reason, every guy I meet these days has a good sense of humour," she says earnestly. "I think that's become like a default setting in boys!"

#5. She's not big on planning

​"Whenever I've planned on doing something, it hasn't worked out, and God has done something better for me. So maybe it's a sign that I shouldn't plan."

#6. She describes herself as 'painfully shy'.

"​I'm not a very confident person," she says. "I might come across as that because of my films, but I'm very very shy. It takes me time to open up and talk to people."

#7. She thinks drive is the most important thing in the universe.

"​Even when I was a kid, whenever I was given something to do, I just did it to the best of my ability. Tomorrow, even if I was supposed to sell vegetables on the street, I'd ensure I succeed at that. That's what it is. I'm very sincere and honest when it comes to my work. And I'm very focused, which comes with the sincerity.​"