8 Times We Wished We Were Dating Sidharth Malhotra

Just that look is drool worthy enough to make us swoon!




Apart from his crushable and perfect looks and well-chiselled body, Sidharth Malhotra has proven to us time and again that he is the perfect combination of good looks and boyish charm. Seeing him interact with girlfriend Alia and just generally being  cute, wholesome and boyish is enough to give us major boyfriend goals. Given below are 8 instances we wished we were dating Bollywood's super-cute boy-next-door.

1.When he posted these adorable pictures on Instagram with his dogs

Any man who loves his pets and looks this cute while posing them is total boyfriend material.

2.When he looks smitten by Alia

He can't keep his eyes off girlfriend Alia's cute antics.

3. When he channels a Bollywood moment during movie promotions

Because  face it, we all grew up sighing over Yash Raj Movies.

4. When he looks super manly riding a horse.

There is something super rugged and sexy about a man on a horse, as Sidharth proves to us in this pic.

5.When he defended Alia on Twitter

A real man stands up for his girl , especially against creepy internet comments.

6. When he got Alia the most awesome iPhone birthday cake.

We love a man who knows how to make his girlfriend's birthday special.

7. When he celebrated her birthday during a film promotion.

Cute PDAs like this make for perfect boyfriend material.

And lastly…

8. When he looks this hot just staring out of window!

Excuse us while we sigh and swoon.