10 Times Birthday Girl Sonam Kapoor Gave Us Major #InstaGoals


It's Sonam Kapoor's birthday today and in honor of that, we bring you those 10 times Sonam's (flawless) Instagram gave us ALL THE #lifegoals. 

1. #SquadGoals

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/BDEBq1JQhQq/​[/instagram]

2. When she received free makeup and we all became human forms of the *heart eye emoji*

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/BA6ZGEZwhan/​[/instagram]

3. When her beach vacay was more posh than we could ever be. 

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/__yjOLwhZL/​[/instagram]

4. When she looked so stunning that we just couldn't stop staring... 

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/BFcC1LLwhb3/​[/instagram]

5. When styling her hair was so much fun

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/BFb9cIvQhYo/​[/instagram]

6. When black on black never looked better. #ootdgoals 

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/BFTyMmywhee/​[/instagram]

7. When her #nofilter selfie reminded us of how pretty she really is. 

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/BDDNrbfQhaU/​[/instagram]

8. When her airport look was so ON POINT

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/BFtSzGOwhfl/​[/instagram]

9. When she emulated Nutan and we were in awe. 

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/BGO5krOwhWL/​[/instagram]

10. When she made us want to hit the gym. #fitnessgoals

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/BGQ6qLkQhbd/​​[/instagram]