Oh No! Ranveer Singh Was Just Caught Cheating...

...and we can't get over it.




Relax! This one isn't about Deepika-Ranveer relationship. But it's a shocking piece of visual proof nonetheless. Ranveer Singh has been working really hard to get a buffed-up bod for his upcoming movie Befikre. We heard the actor usually completes his strenuous regime in between shots while shooting for another film (wow, that's dedication!). And that's why his personal trainer Lloyd Stevens is with him at all times—yes, more than Deepika is!

However, you can imagine how Llyod's must have felt when he caught Ranveer cheating on his diet...with not one but three jars of Nutella. It is really devastating for a trainer, who's trying to get him the best bod Ranveer's ever had. Here's the picture Llyod shared, see for yourself:

[instagram ]https://instagram.com/p/BG3tUwAG5ZV/?taken-by=stevenslloyd[/instagram]

​And here's the picture Llyod shared a few days ago of Ranveer's beefy arms—biceps for the win!

[instagram ]https://instagram.com/p/BGle6GWm5bV/?taken-by=stevenslloyd[/instagram]