8 Hair and Skincare Rules Kareena Kapoor Swears By

We asked her the secret behind looking so darn good all the time!

Cosmo: What is the one beauty rule you always follow?

Kareena: It's good to moisturise your skin. This is probably the only skin ritual I follow, and is really quite easy too. Since my work life demands a lot of travelling, my skin can get very dry, so a simple moisturiser does the trick.

C: Beauty wise, how often do you pamper yourself?

K: I totally recommend visiting a salon regularly. The pampering makes you feel like a princess.

C: We're all about contouring this season. Are you also a fan?

K: Well, I think contouring is great if you want to go completely glamorous with your make-up. When you have a face like mine with a sharp jawline and high cheek bones, it just accentuates those features and adds that extra oomph.

C: Everyone has a signature look. So, if you had just two minutes, what would be your go-to look?

K: I swear by the classics—and there's nothing more classic than a pair of jeans and a shirt, or a simple LBD with just black kohl for make-up. That's my secret to always getting ready before Saif does!

C: Do you ever sleep with your make-up on? And what's your remedy for the day-after? (If you do sleep with it on, that is.)

K: You should, ideally, never let that happen. But I think I've done it a couple of times. It usually happens when I'm really tired after a shoot. The next day, I just wipe it off! It also helps that I use baby oil on my skin.

C: There's all this talk that eating healthy affects your skin...

K: It makes all the difference, there is no way out of that one. No amount of exercise is going to help what you're putting into your body. A moment on the lips can be a lifetime on the hips—that's for sure!

C: What about your hair? Are you big on experimenting with it?

K: I experiment a lot with my hair, actually. Especially for red carpet events or an important party. That's when I try out multiple styles—especially updos (I love those)! It's amazing how you can end up looking so different with a new hairstyle.

C: Your skin's flawless,what's your secret?

K: Two words: coconut water. Having a glass once a day is all you need—not to mention it's easy on the pocket! I think glowing skin at that price is totally worth it.

(As told to Cosmopolitan India)