Kelly Clarkson's new full fringe haircut is a throwback transformation

She looks *so* good with her nostalgic 'do

14 November, 2023
Kelly Clarkson's new full fringe haircut is a throwback transformation

Because of you, I'm contemplating a full fringe, Kelly Clarkson (well, almost). Kelly Clarkson just debuted a feathery, eye-skimming full fringe and she looks so darn good. She's not been big on hair transformations the last few years and has been pretty reliable with her consistent style, so the switch-up feels like extra bang for our buck (sorry, I couldn't help myself).

The nostalgic cut is giving 2011-2012 Kelly and was first spotted on YouTube in a clip posted from The Kelly Clarkson Show account, having returned for season five last month.


Sorry, but how cute does she look? Obsessed. And so were the fans if the YouTube comments were anything to go by... 

We would have to agree, hard.


While a thick full fringe will shorten faces and may not be your first choice if you have a wide or round face, as they will exaggerate this. By opting for this long feathery take Kelly has dodged the trap of shortening the face while still giving this gorgeous face-framing youthful effect.

Kelly isn't the only one trying a fringe on for size, Kim Kardashian and Nicola Coughlan have both been spotted experimenting with the trendy haircut, and that's just in the last week.

While curtain bangs and micro-fringes dominate, it's nice to see someone doing their own thing with what works for them, and boy does this work for her.

Credit: Cosmopolitan