Dolce & Gabbana Literally Brought Disney Fairy Tales to Life on the Runway

Because who doesn't like fairy tales?

Fairy tales were the theme at Dolce & Gabbana's fall 2016 show in Milan recently.

The set featured a giant gilded carriage straight out of Cinderella and a black and white checkerboard runway grand enough for a royal ball.

The collection itself included many modern interpretations of outfits and themes familiar to anyone who has ever watched an animated Disney fairy tale.

There was, of course, a Cinderella dress, albeit midi length and furry.

It even came with a pair of "glass" slippers and a matching handbag.

The mice who made Cinderella's original dress in the Disney movie got a shout-out in the collection as well.

Although none of them were anywhere near as adorable as Gus.

Other interpretations were less literal. There were shades of Cogsworth from ​Beauty and the Beast​ in one dress.

Another dress featured a mirror embellishment that looked like a hybrid of Belle's hand mirror from ​Beauty and the Beast​ and the Evil Queen's mirror in ​Snow White.

A number of outfits featured details straight out of ​The Nutcracker​, which might not be Disney per se, but is certainly well within the fairy tale theme. 

There were bags designed to look like stacks of old books and clocks set to just before midnight, when Cinderella's spell would be broken.

What the show lacked in literal recreations of fairytale looks, it made up for in whimsy.

And the finale featured dozens of glittering dresses perfect for any modern princess wannabe to dance all night in.

Bibbidi bobbidi boo​!

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