The Global Brand Style Director of Levi’s, Lets Us In On Her Best Kept Denim Secrets

Read on to steal Kaede Matsumoto's style secrets...

Cosmo: What’s your memory of Levi’s, growing up?

Kaede Matsumoto: “Growing up in the States, everyone has a Levi’s story, it’s incredible! My first pair of Levi’s was way back—one that I stole off my best friend’s sister. It was a pair of Levi’s that she had cut into shorts, and I wore them all summer long.”

C: How did your love affair with denim begin?
KM: “I have always been a denim lover. And even before I joined Levi’s, I was a big fan of the brand. What I love about denim is that it’s like your own fingerprint formed by how you wear and customise it...”

C: What’s it like, working with Levi’s?
KM: “As a denim lover, it doesn’t get better than working at Levi’s! I am so excited to be a part of the Levi’s brand legacy, and to be part of bringing the rich story to life in our imagery. As the Brand Style Director, I work towards bringing the authenticity and the history of Levi’s to our current place and make it modern and relevant for today.”

C: How many pairs of jeans do you own?
KM: “Um, probably 40-50 pairs...”

C: And what’s your most favourite pair?

KM: “It has to be my vintage 501s that I bought in Tokyo.”

C: Any tips on how to find the perfect pair...
KM: “Levi’s has something for every body type. The 501s are the most versatile pair of jeans—it’s truly the most iconic denim, right from the detailing like the button fly, the pockets to the leg opening. There’s also the 300 series that shape you and lift you, the 700 series which are the classic skinny jeans, and the bootcut.”

C: What are the top denim trends for the year?
KM: “Customisation is big this season! Like I said, jeans are all about personal expression. And everyone’s showing ankles, so you can roll up or cuff your jeans, or you can get it tapered to make it even shorter. As far as styles go, one of the coolest denim trends currently is 501s, which have been reworked, tailored, cut and made to feel like your own. There so many different ways to style 501s—you can wear one with a blazer, sneakers, and heels and when you’re sick of it, you can cut it off into shorts. Levi’s 501s are a part of fashion foundation and will never go out style.”

C: One word that defines Levi’s...
KM: “Authentic!”