"Diversity Makes Fashion Beautiful": Designer Rocky Star on His Latest Line, Inclusivity, And More

Bonus: The designer tells us the one fashion faux pas he wishes everyone would stop making. 

Stepping into 2019, one of the things we're most excited about is what surprises the fashion world has in store for us. One of India's top designers, Rocky Star, is back this year with a brand new collection to wow us with something totally different from the mainstream. So we sat down for a quick chat with him to get to know his cool, new collection for the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2019 season. 

Cosmo: In a time when we're seeing a lot of futuristic designs on the runway, what made you look back into the past for your new collection?

Rocky Star: I’ve been in constant admiration of the baroque era, its art, architecture, and the opulence. Everything about it astonishes me. With this collection, I’ve tried to recreate the splendour in a modern, more relevant fashion. I believe there is so much unexploited creative territory in that period that can be incorporated into design. It’s a memorising era and I try to manifest a little of that in my styles. With this season, we have altered our approach in accordance to the changing Indian fashion sensibilities. The aesthetic is contemporary with Gothic traces and influences. Edgier cuts, sharp silhouettes, more street flair with high fashion flounce, take centre stage in the collection. Every garment can be styled to either dress up or dress down, depending on the occasion. Flared pants, crop tops and body suits, paired with tailored trench coats, capes and bomber jackets in prints, ruffles and pleats define the collection.

C: We're seeing a lot of influence from fantasy in the designs, what's the story behind that?

RS: The Autumn Winter collection is inspired by Vatican architecture portrayed through designs and decorative prints on the fabric. My Inspiration was to touch upon the realm of fantasy, the romanticism between good and evil. With this collection we are narrating a tale of trepidation and freedom. It takes you on a self- exploring journey, exposing you to fear and enabling you with the power to overcome it.

C: What, according to you, will be 2019's biggest trends?

RS: Luxe high street is a trend that is here to stay and shall continue to rule street style in 2019 in structured and tailored silhouettes. Fashion that is absolutely versatile in gender neutral looks will surface in relaxed, comfortable styles. Functional and fuss-free fashion shall take centre stage this season.

C: What is one fashion faux pas you wish women would stop doing?

RS: I believe in dressing according to body type. To blindly follow trends without understanding your body, style and personality is fashion’s biggest faux pas. When you’re comfortable in what you wear, it is seen. You are more confident and that radiates across. Even while designing for clients, I always look at what would work best on them depending on their body rather than trends.

C: In the current era of the plus-size movement, what are your thoughts on including different kinds of body types on the runway?

RS: When it comes to inclusivity, it should go beyond just the runway. I believe inclusive fashion is the need of the hour. Diversity makes fashion beautiful. It is a reform that’s been rightly so, gaining momentum over the seasons, with different campaigns and collections catering to diverse body types. It is more than just including models in a show. It is about making your brand and clothes relatable to the viewers, showing them that they are beautiful in their own skin while also promoting a healthy body image. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and fashion shouldn’t be saying otherwise. There is a requirement for fashion evolution and change makers need to receive more credit.