Here’s Why It’s Time to Go Beyond Sustainable Fashion

This new year, rethink your wardrobe with PECKD - India’s first fully compostable fashion brand

As consumers become more and more aware of climate change consequences, they are consciously tweaking their lifestyle choices to reduce their carbon footprint. 


Which is why the conversation around sustainable fashion has gained momentum and it is gradually moving from being niche to mainstream.  


However, with the onset of the year 2020, it is time to make new fashion resolutions and think beyond sustainable fashion. It is time to think about fashion that is compostable. 


India’s first fashion brand – PECKD - is taking that step of going beyond being merely sustainable to being compostable. The first pedestal to this was creating a fully compostable fashion collection. Everything about PECKD’s collection is not just biodegradable but 100% compostable. From the fabric to the thread and even the buttons, everything decomposes when buried in moist soil. None of the PECKD designer wear has plastic, rubber or metal in any form. 


The brand is driven to create style statements for the eco-conscious fashion lovers. The end goal is simple but ambitious - to create an opportunity to make fashion add value to the environment, however small.



PECKD started this journey with its first-ever collection Delta & Dawn – Power Dressing for the Corporate Woman. Each piece of this collection is named after and inspired by the humpback whales. The collection itself is named after the famous humpback whale duo that created history in the waters of Sacramento Delta River. 


This mother-daughter pair swam inshore into the freshwaters of Sacramento after being deeply wounded at sea by motorboats. This is the farthest any humpback whale has swum inland or towards us humans. The rescue teams could not get close to the pair, so had to use dart guns to administer antibiotics to heal the wounds of the whales. It was two years later, after continual efforts by both the whales and the humans, that mother and daughter were healthy enough to swim back to the sea. 


Delta & Dawn is an ode to the fight for the survival of these whales. It is inspired by their resilience, their resolve and their love for freedom. 




Apostrophe is the signature piece of the Delta & Dawn collection. Named after one of the humpback whales that swim about 2000 miles every year to spend a little time at the sanctuary, Apostrophe celebrates her fortitude and freedom.


Handcrafted using compostable silk, this skirt and blazer combination takes a period of 10 days to finish. The pleated details inspired by the dorsal grooves of the humpback whale add character and definition to this power statement.


Tough but graceful, Apostrophe will never bear the shame and regret of ending up in a landfill. Once it has served its purpose, Apostrophe will decompose within 180 days when buried in moist soil. This compost holds the potential to recreate a new life; a new idea born from Apostrophe.


Hitesha Deshpande, Founder, PECKD, says that it is the first of its kind fashion label that is fully compostable from fabric to thread to buttons. 


This new year, get PECKD - a powerful style statement for the eco-conscious.