Our Ultimate Guide to Wearing Knitted Trousers

Where the exquisitely tailored meets the comfortably casual... Meet the new must-wear pants!  


1. The Rules: Don’t be fooled, these are not pyjamas, nor are they ‘after work’ lounge pants. These are soft, slouchy operators, meant for the office or a night out on the town (well, as long as there are no sticky floors). The height of luxury is 100 percent cashmere or wool, but what you gain in the strokeability department, you lose with the saggy-burn factor. For knitted trousers that bounce back into shape whatever moves you throw at them, look for an acrylic or wool mix.


2. Size up: There are things in life—a glass of wine, Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut—that demand you go up a size. Knitted trousers are the same. These pieces look better when they hang and skim your body, so put your pride aside and plump for the bigger size.


3. Mix it up: This is a look, that if you’re not careful, can quickly morph into slob territory. The look is sharp, not slanket. Avoid anything that could be considered co-ordinated; instead, go for contrasting fabrics to keep the look smart. Leather, denim, and neoprene are the knitted trousers’ companions.


4 Take care: Repeat after us: handwash or 30 degrees, and no tumble-drying—ever. Wet wool likes to take on strange shapes when damp, so place on a neutral coloured towel (because you don’t want the colour to run) then roll the towel, with the trousers laid out inside, to take all the moisture out. Unroll and leave flat for a few hours.


5. Choose your texture: Wool trousers can work for everyone, we promise. But there are rules. For a shorter leg, look for a capped, harem style to avoid swamping your frame. Bigger thighs need a sweeping flare to balance proportions. And a slouchy, loose trouser will bring swagger to boyish figures.