8 Simple Steps to Style a Leopard Print Outfit

Cosmo breaks down the best way to work this tricky trend with streetstyle icon Elina Halimi’s fabulous look.


The Top: Keep it neutral and simple—like Elina’s fitted, long-sleeved boatneck.

The Coat: That’s where your leopard-print comes in, in full swing—when you’ve kept the rest basic, the coat is never OTT. 

The Bag: If you’re looking to inject a spot of colour into your outfit, the bag and shoes are a good way to do it—this studded, cherry-red sling-bag is like Goldilocks’ porridge—just right. 

The Sunnies: Simple, sexy, dark sunnies with sharp,cat-eye edges give the look a smidge of extra ‘God-dayum’.

The Jewellery: An acrylic link necklace is a fun, easy accessory that adds to the look without diverting attention from your statement coat.

The Watch : This clunky, metal strap number is a perfect complement to the yellow-gold undertones of the coat.

The Pants: Like the top, you’re best off staying basic—these high-waisted leather jeggings are a great example.

The Shoes: With you going black pretty much all the way, you can sneak-er in a little more colour with trainers like these.