Meet Indian Virtual Model, Nila

After Lil Miquela and Imma Gram, Indian virtual model Nila is set to boost digital fashion. Here's all you need to know about Nila!

After the announcement of India's first digital fashion week in August, the big up for India's fashion scene comes in the form of Nila. 

The virtual model, Nila, made her debut not on a runway but on her Instagram page as is expected in the digital age. Represented by Inega artist and talent management agency, Nila, marks India’s foray into the world of digital ramps, after other international digital influencers such as Lil Miquela and Imma Gram.

“After 20 years of launching and managing unique and talented individuals who represent the wide expanse of India and the world, we believe the time is right for Nila,” says Ankit Mehta, CEO, Inega.


He also added, “Within hours of her debut, Nila has already garnered interest from some of the leading fashion brands of the country. Globally, brands such as Valentino, Dior and Prada have already welcomed virtual models into their campaigns, to complement real models. We believe there is a huge opportunity to create a parallel alternative within the fashion industry. From brand endorsements in static and motion media to virtual fashion shows, Nila is set to revolutionise the norms of the industry.” 


Ankit tells Cosmo that Nila's personality was written by a team right at the onset around which then the visual was created. So, she has not been modelled on somebody else's looks and was sketched to fit her own attributes!

Well, can we expect a male model to join Inega's ranks too? Ankit says, "Right now, Team Nila's mandate is defined and she remains the only focal point. There have been no plans towards a male virtual supermodel, but it's an interesting line of thought."

How about Nila strutting down Indian digital runways...maybe at the upcoming fashion week? The team remains elusive and replies, "Nila has received a very warm reception. Who knows? :)"

Meanwhile, here are some fun facts about India's first digital supermodel:
Nila means moon in Tamil
Age: Perennially 20
Nila’s favourite emotion is love - it is huge and composed of all colours and feelings.

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