10 Alternatives to Pyjamas That You Can Add To Your Work From Home Wardrobe

Celebrity stylist Akshay Tyagi picks some stylish and comfy trousers, shorts, leggings and skirts that you can wear at home.

If the one thing that tops your priority list while working from home is comfort, then we guess you spend most of your time in pyjamas. You wear them while sipping on to coffee, while attending to house plants, cuddling your pet and also for the zoom/FaceTime video meetings. But trust us, there are other options that are as comfortable as pyjamas but look more put together. Celebrity stylist Akshay Tyagi picks some chic and comfy trousers, shorts, leggings and skirts that you can wear at home to up your style game.

1. Corduroy pants by Khanijo 

The '70s staple is everywhere this season. The material is thin and breathable and is perfect for the summer 



2. Tulip Pants by 431_88 

This is a perfect choice for somebody who is easy going and likes to stay comfortable and look well put together . Made with natural and breathable fabric, a light weight silk and a custom made silhouette.



3. Jersey Lounge Pants 431_88 

Stretchy, comfy and easy. It is a no brainer for all you girls working from home. Cross your legs and sit for the zoom calls you need.



4. Barrel-leg distressed denim pants with mesh underlay by Kanika Goyal 

The high waisted vintage fit denim is absolute love and super cool. It is slightly dressed up than the basic denims but not too much for a casual day at home. The metallics will add a little bit of sparkle to your life.




5. Metallic Pants by Siddartha Tytler 

Mix your basic t-shirts and shirts with a pair of metallic trousers and brighten up your day.




6. All day denim joggers by Dhruv Kapoor 

Add oomph to your wardrobe with the cargo fit and the elastic band on the waist and run errands all day comfortably.




7. Trousers by Gas 

Seasons may come and go, but florals are here to stay. Made with loose fit, it falls perfectly on the frame of the body. The elasticated waist makes it extremely comfortable. This mid rise trouser is made from polyester, which gives it a long shelf life.

work from home wardrobe


8. Polka dot skirt by Scotch and Soda 

Crafted from crisp cotton, this flared skirt is designed with a fitted smocked waistband, high-low hem, and ruffle details.

work from home wardrobe


9. Island print shorts by Scotch and Soda 

The fabric of these pleated shorts has a smooth feel and features one of the season's signature Hawaii-inspired prints. Super fun and flirty, they make you dream of all summer holidays, beaches and islands.

work from home wardrobe

10. Pantaloni by Diesel 

Tailored to sartorial perfection from premium quality fabric, these jeans assure a soft and soothing touch against the skin. It's like a skirt but is a pant and gives you the comfort of both. You can lounge around and walk into meetings looking super stylish.

work from home wardrobe