This Pretty Sock Trend Has Officially Taken Over My IG Feed

They are the light of our lives and no, we are not exaggerating.    


News flash
Flatform espadrilles are actually made for winter, so that you can pair them with plaid socks.

Confession: wearing only no-show socks up until a few years ago, we all have a tonne of those neutral ones that supposedly cover the tips of our toes and are meant to stay hidden. (PSA: they never do. They bunch up under your arches or slide off altogether. 
In case it is not clear, they are terrible!)
But then *dramatic pause*, we all have those calf-high, patent-leather boots that rub against bare legs so much, it feels  like we have shin splints. (TBH, shin splints seem like the only apt description of this peculiar pain.) So caving in and buying a pair of pink crew socks—you know, the ones between ankle and knee length—is not a bad idea and can make the hellish friction stop. The more we wear them, the 
more those extra inches of soft cotton give li’l hugs to our lower appendages.
So, our ‘lingerie’ dresser drawer now = all socks in a tonne of fresh styles. Two-tone! Tie-dye! Ribbed! Sheer! Metallic! (Just look up and to the right for a taste.) Haters will say we have an unhealthy obsession, but we like to call it a soft spot.
And we are thrilled to 
announce that, mid-quarantine, our 
transformation into full-blown ‘Sock People’ is complete. Without something covering our feet, our outfits—
consisting of leggings and oversized tees, or the occasional ‘regular’ 
ensemble of jeans and a presentable top—just aren’t outfits. And whenever you venture outside (with your mask, which is kinda like a sock for the face?) to get groceries or to avoid cleaning your room, 
always put on some real socks first.
Because the days of 
stuffing visible ‘invisible’ 
hosiery into shoes are gone, we’d like to take this time to apologise for ever being embarrassed by the idea that someone could tell we were wearing socks. All the amazing, long-enough-to-be-seen styles we’ve accumulated—shout-out to our fave brands Happy Socks, Soxytoes—deserve to be witnessed. They don’t support the look, they *make* the look.

Here’s the trick...
It’s all about the material. Cashmere, 
sheer, or metallic socks make fancy shoes look even more expensive. But you can use them to dress up sneaks and flats, too.

Tie-dye socks,, Rs. 590 approx


Fishnet kitten heels, Zara, Rs. 2,490



Metallic lace socks, Gucci, Rs.15,950 approx


Knotted strap pumps, Charles & Keith, Rs.5,499



Charlie Ankle Socks, Happy Socks, 
Rs.1,300 appox


Patent leather pumps, Mango, Rs.4,590



Flame Graphic Crew Socks, Forever 21, Rs.199



Academy Slingback Flat Loafers, Louis Vuitton, Rs. 99,000



Teal Magic Socks, Soxytoes, Rs.199


Raleigh Flex Leather Flats,  Michael Kors, Rs. 14,000

We just have a lot of sock-related feelings, okay?!

Compiled By: Priyanka Yadav; blue plaid mesh socks: Daniel Sahlberg; Darner Socks x Simon Miller; blue sandals, Simon Miller; sock silos, Jeffrey Westbrook; Styled by Mariana Vera for Halley Resources.By Lauren Adhav