When will 'Emily In Paris' Season 4 release and will Alfie be in it? Here are all the deets!

It's sure to get messier, but before it does, here's a recap of everything that went down last season...

When will 'Emily In Paris' Season 4 release and will Alfie be in it? Here are all the deets!

After all the drama that unfolded last season, Emily in Paris is back with season four, which, as it turns out, will be releasing in two parts, both comprising five episodes each. The first part is set to premiere on August 15 with the second part following shortly after on September 12, 2024. 


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The announcement came via a social media post by Netflix on May 3. The cast members were asked to describe the upcoming season and as they put it, it's vulnerable, adventurous, fashionable, messy, chaotic, and heartbreaking. Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, the actress who plays Sylvie, put it differently calling it "revenge." 

So, how juicy will the next season be? Well, the details are scarce but the fans are ecstatic, no less. “We need ten more seasons!!!,” said an Instagram user in the comments section. Another added, “Can’t wait, release it now.”

However, fans are also upset about the season being split into two parts. They all demand that they series drop the entire season all at once, and we agree with them. 

Season three left us on a cliffhanger, wondering if Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) would return for season four since the end of season three saw Emily (Lily Collins) and Alfie going their separate ways. But from the announcement video, it seems like Alfie is, in fact, going to return for yet another season.

If you haven’t already watched the show, we definitely recommend you do, especially if you love drama. And there's a lot of that happening in the show.

Giving you a flashback of season three, the last few episodes saw Camille (Camille Razat) and Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) almost tie the knot. However, Camille has a tearful revelation at the altar where shares that Gabriel and Emily have been in love ever since they met, which goes to say that everyone (poor Alfie included) was shocked. That’s when Alfie breaks up with Emily, telling her that he wouldn’t want to be anyone's second choice. Meanwhile, Gabriel confides in Emily about Camille's pregnancy, unaware about the latter's affair with Sofia (Melia Kreiling). Emily and Gabriel reveal their feelings for each other too. Yup, we know, it’s messed up.

While we are still waiting to get answers to all our questions, Collins did reveal a few things we can expect from the show, in a video: “What I can tell is we have more fun, more fashion, and, of course, more drama in store for you all,” she added. “Emily is going to have to decide if everything she’s ever wanted is really what she needs, and while Emily’s heart will always remain true to Paris, her life takes some unexpected twists this season. Don’t be surprised to find her on a Roman holiday.”

So for season four, fans are anticipating that Emily and Gabriel whill finally get together given that they are both now single. But will they really get their happily ever after, or is there more drama on store? We'll just have to wait to find out.

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