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Whoa! Brad Pitt Makes a Breezy Sartorial Statement in a Gender Bender Skirt

We love a good androgynous moment!

If you keep up with everyday news reports, then you know that a merciless heatwave has gripped Europe. This has caused temperatures to soar high enough to break seemingly unbreakable records (#GlobalWarmingStrikesAgain). While people from various parts of the continent post memes and rants about the heat, Brad Pitt decided to just embrace the harsh weather and adapt to it. On Tuesday evening, he touched down in Berlin, Germany, for the premiere of his latest movie, Bullet Train and gave us the sartorial moment we didn’t know we were waiting for.

He arrived at the city’s Zoo Palast theatre, the venue for the premiere, rocking the only look that makes sense for the scorching heat. He really stepped out of his comfort zone and into someone much more comfortable. Brad wore a ragged and loose knee-length skirt, a muddy-brown linen jacket along with a dirty pink button-down shirt. He paired this look with Stylmartin motorcycle boots and a gold chain around his neck. He gave out real-life Gladiator vibes. We love a good androgynous moment and this one has us swooning! 

Brad Pitt skirt

Also, did you know that Brad had a rhinoceros head tattoo on one of his shins and what seems to be a skull on the other? Well, now you do. This look is not a stand alone one. It is part of a smart fashion strategy that Brad (or his team) are using for the promotions of Bullet Train. And linen is a major part of it. At a photocall in Paris, Brad wore a peachy-orangey jacket with matching drawstring pants and a maroon Henley T-shirt. He paired this loungewear yet formalwear look with yellow aviator sunglasses and white sneakers. However, the skirt takes the cake. We love how experimental Brad’s fashion style has gotten over the years. We can only hope that he keeps giving us more gender-bender fashion moments (with or without the heatwave).