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Aditi Chauhan showcases her trailblazing golden journey in World Gold Council's latest campaign

'Cosmopolitan India' and World Gold Council have come together to reimagine 'You Are Gold'. The campaign illuminates the journey of phenomenal women like Aditi Chauhan, celebrating their self-expression and hearts of gold. 

Ever wondered why gold blings just as bright as the stars? Just like your fave jewelry, success is no overnight magic. Gold goes through intense pressure to shine like a rockstar. So did the professional pursuit of the latest face of 'You Are Gold' campaign, Aditi Chauhan ! Hustling hard, pushing boundaries, and giving it her all transformed her into a success story in the world of football, globally.

Her meteoric rise as a successful footballer in a male-dominated sport is a tale of unwavering determination and indomitable spirit. Undeterred by societal norms, she fearlessly broke barriers, challenging the status quo. Facing initial skepticism, she persevered, honing her skills on and off the field.

“Sports has always been my passion but it’s not easy to be a sportswoman. People’s doubts can put a lot of pressure on you. But sometimes that very pressure moulds you into your finest form” she says. 


Styled in a statement gold ring, Chauhan says the piece of jewellery represents her own values, beliefs, and goals. Much like gold, football allowed her to be open about her vulnerabilities while also showing her inner strength. It stands as a testament that both in the game of football and in life, expressing all emotions transforms it into an art form.
“I love football because it lets me express myself. What I wear is also an extension of who I am. Like this gold ring; it reminds me that to be your best you’ve got to keep polishing yourself. That’s why 'You Are Gold',” she says. 

For Chauhan, the true essence of self-expression lies in the way she approaches the game of football—with unyielding passion and determination, epitomizing the spirit of giving her best every single time. The piece of intricately crafted jewellery is reflective of a relentless strive and determination that makes for an integral part of any one’s journey, but particularly the journey of a sportswoman who has proven herself, achieving greater heights with each feather in her hat.


Cosmopolitan India and the World Gold Council have collaborated for this campaign celebrating young women who epitomize resilience and unwavering determination. This initiative draws inspiration from their stories of breaking stereotypes and triumphing over challenges. It pays tribute to the various forms that have shaped their extraordinary journeys, applauding their unbeatable spirit everyday. In a world of constant evolution, remember, #YouAreGold, and your unique story deserves to shine bright and be celebrated.

Watch Chauhan's journey of finding her self-expression here.