Everything You Wanted to Know About Vegan Fashion

PETA-approved brand FOReT adds vegan to the platter of sustainable fashion.

By Ekta Kashyap
22 January, 2020
Everything You Wanted to Know About Vegan Fashion

To many people, fashion is frivolous. For them, it is glamour, looks and all things above the surface. This misconception that the fashion industry is shallow, materialistic, narcissistic, and even harmful is deep-rooted. But thankfully as people become more aware about the intricacies of this industry, this stereotype is slowing fading away.

Today, fashion is not just responsible, it is also ethical, clean and respectful to the planet. It is woke, sustainable, and now vegan.


Say hello to FOReT Cork, a vegan fashion accessories brand that is PETA-approved and is made with natural materials that are earth-friendly.






The brand endorses sustainable philosophies at every stage of production using elements from Mother Earth, allowing the materials to showcase the grains and strands of nature. Every design reflects on the ethos of the environment: simple, diverse and yet sophisticated. The primary material used is Cork, which is developed from the bark of Cork Oak tree that grows in abundance in the Mediterranean region. The Cork tree is harvested every 9 years by gently removing the bark. This causes no harm and allows the tree to rejuvenate and it can live up to another 100 years! The Cork material retains the structure of the bark and is visually attractive and extremely soft. Polyester and PU materials are used in handbags depending on the design, ensuring that the usage of these materials is not more than 2%.



What better day for us to celebrate #sustainability that #WorldEnvironmentDay ? Our choice of working with cork fabric comes from a place of love for mother nature. The Cork fabric is produced by harvesting the outer bark оf the cork oak tree that grows abundantly in the Mediterranean region. This doesn't harm but allows the tree to grow naturally and it may even live up to 100 years! The Cork fabric retains the structure of the bark and is visually appealing, extremely soft, light and water resistant making it a perfect accompaniment for years to come. #sustainablefashion #instafashion #europe #jewelry #bags #accessories #feelbetter #sustainable #green #necklaces #earth #french #inspiration #instagram #instagramers #worldenvironmentday #worldenvironmentday2019

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Style and elegance come together with fine craftsmanship creating a timeless product. It is time to add ‘vegan’ to your fashion dictionary.