Is 3D printed jewellery the next big thing in the industry?

Intricate filigree patterns, futuristic work, or edgy designs, here's how you can customise your jewellery with AI and 3D printing!

04 June, 2024
Is 3D printed jewellery the next big thing in the industry?

Intricate filigree patterns, futuristic work, or edgy designs—no matter what you visualise in the jewellery department now, shall be done thanks to the infinite potential of 3D printing. This evolving technology, which is intertwined with the future of jewellery, allows designers to push boundaries of shape, material, and craft to create unconventional pieces. The advantages, too, are many...think faster production, error reduction, accessibility, and modification to name a few. “3D design is the future because it has become more sustainable and reduces waste. It creates a whole new depth in the designing process,” says Pradhyuman Maloo, the creative director at Mumbai-based Nornament, House of Bespoke Luxury Jewels.

With the right software skills and a creative vision, anyone can reap the benefits of this new-age technology, and the possibilities are endless. Building on the combination of 3D printing and AI (Artificial Intelligence)—it allows the enhancement (not replacement) of traditional craftsmanship—one can experiment with geometries, textures, and finishes and lead the way with avant-garde concepts.

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all jewellery. With customisation, fashionistas can, along with designers, now partake in the process to co-create bespoke pieces that cater to their individual style.

“As a designer, it gives me more space to explore my thoughts without multiple rejections of a product, especially if I’m not happy with the outcome,” says Harshad Ajoomal, creative director and founder of House of Ajoomal.

This segment of tech-enabled jewellery opens a path for brands to adapt to industry trends and meet the ever-changing demands of Gen Z. Which is also why several Indian and international brands are embracing this innovative, cutting-edge technology so as to design coveted pieces of jewellery.

Connected earrings, Ola, ₹10,350 approx.

Image credit: OLA Jewelry

Calyx Ring, Radian, ₹22,000 approx. 

Image credit: Radian Design

Mirage pendant, Sutra Fine Jewellery, ₹89,000 

Image credit: Sutra Fine Jewellery

Ferris wheel polki earrings, H Ajoomal Fine Jewellery, ₹3,75,000

Image credit: H Ajoomal Fine Jewellery

Bird song cuff, Nornament, ₹3,42,000 

Image credit: Nornament

Lead image credit: Pexels 

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