Want to elevate your street style? Let these fashionistas inspire you

From Gen Z Barbie to urban chic, here's all the street style inspiration you need!

04 July, 2024
Want to elevate your street style? Let these fashionistas inspire you

Fashion is more than just outfits and accessories; it is a medium of self-expression. And that is precisely what makes street style such an experimental and layered concept. It is always changing and allows people to add their unique touch, reflecting their personalities and showcasing individuality in their styles.

Meet these fabulous women who gave Cosmopolitan India an exclusive peek into their unique styles, discussing what fashion means to them, the best way to describe their individual style, and of course, served up some major style inspiration. Because why not?

Siddhika Iyer, 20

Call me a real-life Gen Z Barbie. That’s also the inspo behind look—the basic pair of pink skirt is elevated with a floral top. I’ve paired it with minimal accessories and a classy pair of boots—when in doubt, always go for pink!

Anu Janardhan, 31

I am often called The Stylewali'—my wardrobe is a celebration of individuality and style. This look is a vibrant street style co-ord set that is as bold as it is chic. The colours clash and complement in equal measure, creating a look that's undeniably eye-catching.

Simran Chopra, 25

In this look, I have given vibrant florals a touch of urban chic. My outfit speaks of a free spirit...a wanderlust soul that finds beauty in every adventure. As a South Asian living abroad, I capture the pulse of California and look at the world with a fresh lens.

Jaagriti Kadam, 20

I find myself enchanted by the timeless charm of my bodycon dress, which is enhanced with playful ruffle detailing along its hem. This colour is a fresh breath of spring. Its snug fit flatters the silhouette while the whimsical ruffles add a hint of flirtatious allure. Unique yet undeniably trendy, it makes a statement that transcends fleeting trends.

Mahima Laddha, 26

I am wearing a playful outfit by pairing a cute top with a polka dot skirt—the latter adding a touch of whimsy to my look. The knee-length boots give the look a chic and sophisticated touch. To complete the ensemble, I have worn sunglasses and carried a bag in the same colour and textures as my outfit.

Anamika Priyadarshini, 34

When paired with an oversized off-white blazer, this orange tube maxi dress becomes a statement piece. The brown platform heels and a jute bucket bag add a playful touch, while the jewellery gives a hint of sparkle. A sleek bun adds a polished finish and ties this look together. This combination exudes confidence and creativity, making it a standout choice for fashion-forward individuals.

This article originally appeared in Cosmopolitan India, May-June 2024 print issue.

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