Looking for some fun street style inspo? Here's your guide!

Bold, edgy, and chic these looks have it all.

Looking for some fun street style inspo? Here's your guide!

We took the battle of the best-dressed to the streets + your homes, and were so impressed by your style picks. Scroll through to see some of the best looks! 

Siddhi Mehta, 32  

Embracing street style is more than a fashion choice for me. Every outfit is a brushstroke on the canvas of my personality, a fusion of urban grit and individuality. From high-low pairings to curated vintage finds, each ensemble narrates a chapter of my style journey. Street style is a language, a dynamic expression of self in the bustling rhythm of the city. Through diverse textures, bold accessories, and confident silhouettes, I celebrate the raw and unfiltered essence of urban culture. Street style isn’t just what I wear; it is poetic rebellion etched into my daily existence. 

Nisha Joshi, 26  

Call me a ’90s girl—from music to street fashion, that’s an era, which has influenced me heavily. For this look, I have paired everything classic yet trending at once—a cherry red bodysuit, a pair of cargos, and a pair of Crocs! 

Anushka Yadav, 19 

I was in the fourth grade when I fell in love with fashion. Streetwear makes me feel confident. But, I also enjoy giving it my own twist. In this look, I love the bold silhouette of the jacket and the pair of parachute pants. I styled it in all black—I like monochromatic fits the best—and have added a hint of white accessories like a pair of heels and a bag. The addition of oxidised silver jewellery gives it a personal touch 

Vaishnavi Modi, 25 

I chose this blue vintage blazer and skirt set because it gives retro meets-modern chic vibes. This look is both classic and on-trend. 

Twinkle Gupta, 26  

Street style thrives on authenticity and rebellion. My outfit showcases a rich tapestry of diverse influences, embodying a celebration of creativity. For me, streetwear is deeply rooted in individualism and thus is a way of self-expression.

Singni Chowdhury, 22  

I am wearing Quirky Bae’s Sakura Atomiser (not) Khadi co-ord set, paired with shades and tied-up bubble braids. The entire look is amplified by my auburn leather knee-high boots. I also added a pair of gold accent earrings, keeping the warm tone of the ensemble intact. 

Compiled by: Manveen Guliani

This article originally appeared in Cosmopolitan India's March-April 2024 print edition. 

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