Reebok’s PureMove Sports Bra is Here to Transform Your Workout!

Coz that’s the kind of unconditional support we expect from a sports bra!


A sports bra is one of those elements that can totally make or break your workout. A good workout sess is one that doesn’t involve dealing with a lack of support, or grappling with issues of pinching, poking, or squeezing—things that you’ll definitely experience with the wrong bra. And if you too have been shying away from burpees, not because it’s uber-strenuous *sigh*, but simply ‘coz your sports bra isn’t cooperating the way it should, it’s time to bid adieu to all ill-fitted bra problems.


Say hello to Reebok’s PureMove bra that comes laced with a futuristic technology, which gives the wearer utmost comfort and maximum support.

Statistics show that one in five women avoid exercise because they don’t have the right sports bra.

You’re not alone if you’ve ever felt caged in a sports bra, or experienced back and neck pain because the weight of the breasts was not distributed evenly on the shoulders, or the worst of all—spillage and cleavage taking away all your focus from the workout.

To counter these problems, after three years of research and development, Reebok has launched a bra that is an efficient fusion of technology and comfort. With its Motion Sense Technology, the reactive fabric of the bra adapts to the intensity of the workout, making it fit for all types of workouts.



What makes this bra a complete game-changer is the fact that it has Sheer Thickening Fluid—a gel-like solution, changes its form from liquid to solid when you shift from low to high intensity exercises. This results in the sports bra recognising your movement and providing the required amount of support.

Actor Esha Gupta talks about how crucial it is to find the right sports bra.


Sheetal Kotkar used to tuck her top in the bra straps to cover the cleavage. But with PureMove, she “felt comfortable and carefree “.


Now that’s the kind of unconditional support we expect from a sports bra!