Your birthday month has a spirit animal that perfectly describes your personality

Here's what your Zodiac sign reveals about your spiritual energy.

19 June, 2024
Your birthday month has a spirit animal that perfectly describes your personality

Ever wondered what your birthday month says about your personality? Or how it might align with the animal kingdom? Look no further! From the fierce energy of an Aries cheetah to the serenity of a Pisces fish, your zodiac sign pairs with a spirit animal that perfectly encapsulates your spiritual essence and aura as a human being; these animals embody unique traits that, intriguingly enough, mirror your own.

Dive into our insightful guide and find out which animal encapsulates your celestial vibe. Plus, we’ve paired each spirit animal with stunning jewellery pieces to keep your newfound spiritual energy close. Let the wild adventure begin!


Ebony panther silver cuff bracelet, Diavo, ₹17,500

Think: what’s common between Aries and cheetahs? Well, they both share intense energy and success—making them a powerful combination. 


Teddy bracelet, Swarovski, ₹14,900

While a Taurean is symbolised by the celestial bull, it is the bear that mirrors the physical and mental strength attributed to the sun sign.


Gold plated zircon fox ring, Tribe Amrapali, ₹1,100

Sharp, agile, and steadfast—Geminis are like foxes. These qualities are what make them the smartest person in any room they are in.


Coco rabbit motif ring, Cal Calcutta, ₹95,000

Much like Cancerians, rabbits are known to be extremely shy in nature. However, both are also affectionate and caring. We stan!


Mufasa brooch/pendant, Pavit Gujral Designs, price on request

A Leo isn’t bothered by taking centre stage. In fact, it’s in the spotlight that they thrive...exactly like lions. Guard yourself from evil spirits and intruders with a lion motif that is bound to bring in good luck and prosperity.


Feline geometry cat pendant, Kicky & Perky, ₹4,300

Virgos are meticulous, detail-oriented, and disturbingly obsessed with cleanliness just like a house cat. This sun sign is a powerhouse that also exhibits feline energy.


Le villi-the swan dance of love, Ode Jewels, ₹35,000

Both Librans and swans symbolise beauty, togetherness, and partnership. Which is what makes this graceful bird motif a perfect gift for this balanced zodiac.


Golden just stella stud earrings, Just Cavalli, ₹8,390

Ruled by Pluto, the Greek god of Underworld, and Aeres, the Greek god of War alike, it is no surprise that no one messes with a Scorpio. Also, like this misunderstood reptile, a Scorpio is often misjudged because of their secretive nature. Those belonging to this sun sign have the ability to ‘shed skin’.


Gold winger, Jaipur Jewels, price on request

Wise as an owl...that is a Sagittarian for you. PS: This nocturnal bird also symbolises inner strength and intelligence, much like the Archer.


14kt Solid gold boer goat stud earrings, Agri Jewelry, ₹25,400

A goat mirrors a Capricorn’s fierce determination and unstoppable hustle. Good luck getting this sign to stay put in one place—their boundless energy for experiencing life makes them impossible to contain.


Dolphin ring in 18K rose gold, Anmol Jewellers, price on request

Both dolphins and Aquarians are known for their wisdom and intelligence. The ‘flipper’ motif symbolises freedom, desire, and joy. 


Sirena pearl pendant, Misho, ₹7,725

Pisceans are the ultimate givers and beam good vibes almost all the time! Their ‘fishy’ connection makes them the life of any party (or should we say ocean?)

This piece originally appeared in the May-June 2024 edition of Cosmopolitan India.

Lead image credit: Instagram

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