This Zodiac Sign Ranking Shows Just How Likely You Are to Cheat In a Relationship

Looks like some signs are more promiscuous than the others.

One of the worst things you can ever do in a relationship is to cheat on your partner, a universally agreed upon fact—well, more or less!

However, cheating is more common than you think. Like it or not, and it seems like your zodiac sign could have something to do with it.

Here's a ranking of zodiac signs, based on how likely they are to cheat. Read on to know where you stand, but hey, be careful that your SO isn't peeking into your screen!

1. Sagittarius : Galloping their Centaurian way into the sunrise forever, Sagittarius are always on the lookout for some thing new. A new adventure, conquest or claim, or maybe even their soulmate.They initially go full throttle but as the passion fades and the excitement wears off, they tend to be very easily distracted. If there was a way to cheat death they would do it too, all for the next big thrill.

2. Virgo : Quite unlike their symbol the virgin, the Virgo is good at cheating. In fact, some say that they have even mastered the art. A few ones out there can even be driven toward being caught, for the sake of an ego boost. Better be careful Virgo, it's time to learn a little loyalty and have a little less s*x.

3. Libra : Oh Libra! You love feeling wanted so much, you will cheat just for that. You share details of the current lover with the other, and that other third option as well. One's a former lover. One's a potential future lover. It's enough to make our head spin, but in your case, it makes you thrilled to bits.

4. Aries : The Aries's partner might not be doing anything wrong at all, they may be in a happy and steady (but oh! so boring) relationship. It's just that they get curious. And their mind wanders. They feel trapped, and then they don't like that feeling trapped, which send them exploring, just to know what's out there. And boom, we can all guess what happens next!

5. Gemini : Once they have wondered what it's like to sleep with someone, they just have to try it it, they cannot help themselves. After all, what if this new person turns out to have been 'the one' all along? Can't miss out on that, can you now Gemini?

6. Capricorn : The Ram does not cheat very often, but if they do, they don't get upset. After all, we are all animals, and animals have needs. If you can't be with the one you love, you know, might as well love the one you're with. No need to get over emotional, the practical Capricorn thinks, we all make mistakes at times and just have to live with them.

7. Cancer : It's not that the crabs don't cheat, it's just that they are not very adept at it! They are too panicked and guilty to be a smooth operator, and too scared of being impolite and hurting someone's feeling to do this well. Chances are, if they ever do cheat they will get caught, so they better think twice before attempting it.

8. Aquarius : They are more likely to cheat emotionally than physically. Did someone say they need attention? That's pretty much all Aquarians. They may enjoy some flirty texts or conversations here and there. If they are in love with someone, chances are they will never stray physically, just enjoy some harmless fun once in a while .

9. Pisces : The Pisces is a die-hard romantic. They just love being in love, and are happiest when in a relationship. That is why they are not likely to cheat unless they feel that the relationship is completely over. They cheat as a way of getting out of a relationship, that they have decided has run its course. If they do make this difficult decision however, their precise nature make them pretty good at covering up their tracks.

10.Leo: As far as lions go, they are pretty loyal and also practical .Who wants to deal with all that messy drama anyway? They love being the centre of attention and may enjoy some flirting, but are not likely to cheat on someone physically when in a relationship.

11.Scorpio : Incredible loyal to those they love, Scorpio will generally just end the relationship if unhappy rather then lie about it.They will only cheat if it's a control issue, cheating to blunt their feelings of vulnerability and to regain a sense of control and power.

12.Taurus : The Taureans are really one loyal sign, kudos to them. The only reason they will ever cheat is if they fall deeply in love with someone else and just can't control themselves. Else, they are quite happy holding hands and walking off into the sunset with their SO, bless them!