Your Capricorn Horoscope for the Month of August 2020

Our in-house astrologer Jai Madaan tells you what's in store for your sign✨

Love & Relationship - Dear Capricorn, planets Venus and Mars will influence you to be more aggressive in your interactions with your spouse. However, try to maintain your composure and work towards cultivating a harmonious relationship with your partner. For those of you who are committed, you may consider taking your relationship to the next level. On the other hand, those of you who are single will likely find love, given the influence of planets Jupiter and Venus. If you’ve been on the lookout lately, you will soon come across a sensitive and caring partner. Despite that, avoid getting into a serious love relationship hastily.

Career & Finance - Rejoice! This month will mark professional growth and happiness. Your social contacts will help further your career prospects as well. In addition to financial prosperity, job satisfaction is also on the horizon. Travel for professional purposes will be gainful too. Moreover, this month you will find yourself involved in several charitable activities, in addition to your professional responsibilities. But beware, as differences in the financial strategies with your partner may adversely affect the cash flow. It will require plenty of effort and diplomacy to work out a mutually acceptable solution. Thereby, you must limit your expenses to balance your income and stay afloat.

Health & Fitness - Dear Capricorn, your health will be fabulous this month. In addition, it will further improve post the 23rd of the month. Although, minor ailments will require basic medical care. However, you must make sure that you follow a regular fitness and diet regime. Ensure that you do not neglect your emotional health either. Regular relaxation and meditation techniques will enhance your overall well-being, as per the prediction for August.