Your Aquarius Horoscope for the Month of July 2021

Our in-house astrologer Jai Madaan tells you what's in store for your sign✨

Love & Relationship

Dear Aquarius, this month you can expect an abundance of excitement in your relationship. However, be cautious if you're looking to establish a new romantic relationship. Aquarius bondings may face a few obstacles at the beginning of the month, but things will cool down and harmony will be established in no time. Your relationship will become stronger and enjoyable, with the scope for pregnancy. For those of you who are single, you may face turmoil while getting into new relationships. There are possibilities of unexpectedly falling in love as well. It is important to think less and take action if you really want to be in a relationship. Hence, avoid overthinking things too much.


Career & Finance

The month of July 2021 is extremely promising for the career development of professionals. Astral aspects are encouraging and this will induce a harmonious environment at the workplace. You will also receive support from your social circle and colleagues. All your projects will be executed as per the schedule and you will be rewarded for your hard work. At the same time, you will be able to indulge in charitable work and spiritual activities which will enhance your mental well-being. Businessmen should resist starting new business ventures because speculations and investments will not yield the desired profits. Financial institutions will not provide you with the necessary funds either.


Health & Fitness

During the month of July, planetary configurations are favourable and this will keep your health in check. There are no possibilities for any serious medical ailments this month. Small health concerns may require regular medical attention. You should focus on maintaining your health by engaging in regular exercise and consuming a nutritious diet. Avoid overindulgence and keep your stress levels low. Practice relaxation techniques to induce inner calm and peace.


Predictions: Jai Madaan

Illustration: Nandini Bhattacharya