5 Astrological Hacks to Stay Positive When You Feel Stressed and Depressed

From using music to calm your mind to lucky numbers for your well being, check out what an astro-numerology expert suggests to feel your best. 

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on our mental health. At a time when doomscrolling, anxiety and stress are at an all-time high, everyone is looking for an elusive ray of positivity.

While it is best to speak up and get medical help if you or a loved one is battling mental health issues, you can also try out these astrological hacks to feel your best. Noted astro-numerologist Sidhharrth S Kumaar, founder of NumroVani shares what you can do to banish negativity and feel better:

Turn your home into a safe haven

Neat and clean surroundings can greatly affect your mood. So, change your furnishings, dust regularly and add potted plants in your home decor to feel better. Sidhharrth suggests adopting traditional hygiene practices such as mopping the house with rock salt mixed water at least once a week.

Practice numerology

He says, "Write the numbers mentioned below with blue pen of the left palm. Ensure retaining the spaces between numbers while penning these down." 

o   17 41 366

o   51 56 886 

o   05 50 561

o   33 96 815

Meanwhile to reduce the severity of your sickness, write the numbers mentioned below with a blue pen and paste them on a water bottle (transparent). Keep the numbers side towards the bottle surface (Ensure retaining the spaces between numbers while penning these down).

o   17 84 892 

o   25 19 632

o   88 81 643

10 42 7896

Indulge in music therapy

Some studies have shown that listening to music at a particular level can improve your well being. Sidhharrth says, "I would advise listening to music at 741 Hz for 24 minutes thrice a day and at 852 Hz for 15 minutes once a day to improve your present status. In order to prevent ill health, listen to music at 528 Hz every day for 10-15 minutes."  However, make sure to practise these techniques while using headphones.

Chant away your worries

"When feeling distressed, chanting or listening to mantras such as Navarna Mantra, Kunjitha Padam Saranam or Mahamrityunjay Mantra can help immensely. Sit in a peaceful spot and listen or chant these verses to feel better and empowered."

Practice specific mudra

Including some physical activities can also reduce your stress and ill health. You can practice Udana Vayu Mudra for 6 minutes three times a day and Anulom-Vilom daily.