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Everything You Need To Know About The Ace Of Wands Tarot Card

One word: Inspiration.


Have you been feeling stuck? Are you bored, plagued by a total lack of inspiration, searching for that joie de vivre? Or maybe you're just looking for the motivation to begin something (anything!) new? Never fear, my darling, because all of that is about to change when the Ace of Wands tarot card appears!

This is the spark you have been hoping for, the all-encompassing passion that fuels the raging fire of pure potential and wildly creative energy. This is just the beginning! The Ace of Wands is your cosmic invitation from the universe to say YES and follow your passions, getting swept away wherever they may lead you. JSYK: As a sign of potential, this Ace card does not guarantee successful results on its own. Intense enthusiasm and excitement will only take you so far. The road is open in front of you, but you are going to have to put in the work to get there!

Ace of Wands Keywords

Inspiration, new ideas, breakthroughs, new opportunities, growth, spark

Ace of Wands Upright Meaning

This is your invitation to make a BOLD move, bb! The Ace of Wands is the breath of fresh air that stirs something within you, awakening a part of yourself that has felt long dead, or maybe you didn't even know it was there. This is your opportunity to have a new adventure fueled by the excitement of what could be.

Stop thinking and start doing! Put your big plans and innovative ideas into action. (If not now, when??) Has your passion project been on the back burner for a while? Have you been making excuses that your art just isn’t a “practical” career choice? The Ace of Wands says to hell with all of that negativity! Your creative spirit wants to be nurtured and explored, so heed the call and see where the wind takes you. A new chapter is unfolding, and this is a thrilling moment of possibilities so don’t overthink it! Stop hesitating, take a chance, and just go for it!

With matters of the heart, this Ace represents passionate sexual chemistry. This is the hot one night stand from Tinder you never need to see again, or the person you feel wildly attracted to for some reason but the only place you really connect is the bedroom (or the bar bathroom, the backseat of the Uber, or wherever you happen to find yourselves in the heat of the moment). Are you settling down and meeting each other’s parents? HELL NO! You aren’t even meeting each other’s friends! This is about hot sex and nothing else. Sometimes, that’s all you want so enjoy it for what it is until it gets tired and fizzles out.

Ace of Wands Reversed Meaning

With all of this excitement and creativity bubbling up within you, sometimes it can be challenging to know exactly what to do with it all. You know you WANT to create something, but you just aren’t exactly sure what that is. A blank page, a glowing computer screen, or a giant white canvas has unlimited potential, but it can also feel quite intimidating. Don’t let a lack of direction deter you from creating your next masterpiece.

This card is a reminder that self-doubt and self-sabotage can result in a major lack of motivation, so stop procrastinating and just start already! Let everything flow, and go back to edit later. Even if this endeavor isn’t an immediate success, you shouldn’t take it as a sign to give up. It could just be bad timing, so have a little patience and seek inspiration elsewhere to avoid further frustration. Everyone experiences creative lulls, but trust that you'll eventually get back on track and find your way.


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