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Your Scorpio Horoscope for the Month of May 2022

Our in-house astrologer Jai Madaan tells you what's in store for your sign✨

Love & Relationship

This month, welcome the gift of love into your life. Be vulnerable with your partner, stop hiding and start expressing your feelings. Communication is vital; problems won't solve themselves if you don't talk to each other. Moreover, always be there for your children and assist them in academics. If you're single, chances are you will find love this month as you meet new people on leisure trips or social gatherings. Family life will be great this month; you and your loved ones are getting along well, which will exist for the better part of the year. 


Career & Finance

Scorpio, this month will help you realise your highest potential. It will be a month full of blessings, progress, and growth. Take things one day at a time, attract positive energies, and you will be able to identify the changes you need to make for the smooth running of your life. Everything is going your way, and soon you will be in a position to achieve all your goals and aspirations. Things are under control; as you venture into a new business, just focus on finding the right people for support.

Health & Fitness

Dear Scorpio, you need to do everything in your power to ensure that your loved ones enjoy excellent health. To avoid seeing your children suffer from minor illnesses, keep up with their doctors' appointments, put them on healthy diets, and monitor their water intake. Be in touch with your spirituality and keep spiritually fit to remain on the right spiritual path.


Prediction: Jai Madaan

Illustration: Nandini Bhattacharya