Sex horoscope for the week—it's time to add spark to your sex life

Find out how your sex life will be this week.

Sex horoscope for the week—it's time to add spark to your sex life

The long weekend is coming and while there are going to be sparks around, everywhere, will it brighten up your sex life? Find out how this week will be for your sex life with predictions from tarot reader, Jigyasa Chandani. 


Ignite the flames of passion and take the initiative. Be spontaneous and take the initiative to seduce your partner. You can surprise them with a sexy game night and celebrate with sensual victories.


Taurus, indulge in sensuous luxury. Surround yourself with silk sheets and aphrodisiac foods. Use your charm to make your lover’s heart melt.


Your adaptability shines in the bedroom, Gemini. Switch things up, explore fantasies, and keep the conversation flowing. Role-playing can be an alluring adventure!


Cancer, this week, let your caring nature shine through in the bedroom. Create a cosy atmosphere and embrace intimate cuddles. Cook together and make it intimate and enjoy sexy delights for dessert.


You were born to be in the spotlight. Turn your bedroom into a stage and let your desires take the lead. Strip your way to an unforgettable performance.


Virgo, perfection is your game. Pay attention to every detail, from silk sheets to scented candles. A sensual massage can lead to intimate exploration.


It’s time to create harmony in your love life. Explore your partner's desires and let your bedroom become an artful masterpiece. Blindfolded sensations can be electrifying and exciting.


Scorpio, intensity is your forte. Dive into deep passions and explore your wildest fantasies. Try introducing a touch of BDSM for an exhilarating experience.


Your adventurous spirit thrives in the bedroom, Sagittarius. Plan a spontaneous getaway for a passionate sexcapade. The thrill of new locations can ignite fiery connections, so make the most of it.


It’s time to bring your disciplined nature to the bedroom. Create a schedule for romantic rendezvous, and stick to it. Consistency can lead to a satisfying, passionate routine.


Explore the unconventional—from new sex toys and technology to role reversals. Keep things exciting with innovative touches.


Pisces, dive into the depths of your emotional connection. Create a sensual, dreamy atmosphere for intimate bonding. Share your fantasies through sensual storytelling and build on those fantasies.