Virgo horoscope for the month of October 2022

The stars spell secrets about your future—read on to find out the predictions for your sign by celebrity astrologer Jai Madaan. 

05 October, 2022
Virgo horoscope for the month of October 2022

For career & income

Virgo-born people are intelligent and flexible in resolving problems and facing challenges. This intricate nature will be of great help throughout this month. You may face troubles in spite of growth in your career. You may be successful in identifying a career option which suits your nature or attitude. They may get a quick rotation of money which makes life easier. Starting of a new business or expansion of an existing business is likely this year. You may prosper well in the partnership business also. Broking firms, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels and religious organisations may offer you profitable opportunities. In spite of sufficient growth, you may be frightened about challenging situations. Few envious people may trouble you with false allegations or comments. You should be determined with your ideas to cope with them. 
You may not be able to retain growth in your income. A few indiscreet decisions may bring huge losses. False allegations may trouble you more because of the absence of proof of your honesty. Hence it is highly important to maintain cordial relations with superiors and subordinates alike.

For love & family

This may be a problematic year for your love and affection. Your partner may have doubtful behaviour. There is every possibility of a breakup in the 2nd half of this month. People trying for a child may also prove lucky. You may be able to manage your status in society in spite of some unfortunate happenings. You should take utmost care in making new friendships this year. There should be great control over your habits which may dilute your reputation. Children may not be much cooperative with you during this month. Hence try to be patient and resolve problems with pragmatism.

For education and travel

This may be a normal year for education. However, you may come out successful in higher education or other technical qualifications. Students relating to accounts, civics, literature and botany will flourish this year. You may prefer travelling to overcome your stress and strain. It is better not to choose hilltops or other risky areas for visiting. 

For health

You should be careful with your health prospects this year. As per your predictions, pressure in personal and professional life may exert serious complications on health. There may be functional problems relating to digestion and kidneys. Disorders in the head and neck regions may affect daily routine. You may feel dizziness or nausea. Hence try to consume food that can digest easily at regular intervals. Consume vitamin supplements that can recharge your body.