Your Daily Horoscope For Saturday July 13th

Our in-house astrologer tells you whats in store for your sign✨


Astro: With Moon in your house of ancestral gains, a beautiful inheritance or a gift is on the cards. With Mars combust in your house of happiness, you might want to make things work at home, but that would need a lot of work. Moon conjuncts Jupiter Retrograde today, which means it’s time to be more intuitive and perceptive about life!

Tarot: If you’ve been thinking of acquiring a new skill, it’s time you started working on it. You need to focus on your career, and follow the motto, ‘Work smarter, not harder’. With Seven of Swords in the reading, you have to be very careful of deceit. Don’t trust easily!


Astro: Taureans, with Moon in your house of relationships and Jupiter Retrograde, expect to spend a great time with your partner. However, while you’re creating memories together, don’t forget to resolve underlying issues.

Tarot: A super-romantic weekend awaits you! But first, catch up with old friends to unwind and de-stress. Revisit your learnings and identify the areas of your life that you need to work on.


Astro: With Moon in Scorpio and Jupiter Retrograde, your body’s metabolism might go for a toss. Spending time with your partner will make you happy and optimistic. If you’ve been waiting to pay off a substantial amount of loan, today is the day. Avoid investing money in major assets today.

Tarot: Congratulations, Gemini! You’ve achieved your career-related goals and you’re on a high right now. However, don’t let the success deter you from forging ahead and achieving your long-term goals. If you’re involved in a litigation, expect to receive happy news.


Astro: With Moon in Scorpio, today’s a great for acquiring a new skill and honing an existing talent. Jupiter Retrograde will make things slow for you, but it’s a temporary setback in the larger scheme of things. Expect to feel a sense of calm towards the end of the day.

Tarot: Major changes and a new beginning awaits you. Next step? Strike a work-life balance so that you don’t end up feeling exhausted. A friend might step in to help you deal with old issues. If you’re planning to apply for a loan, it’s a good time to go ahead with your plan. A home renovation is on the cards for some of you.


With Sun and Venus in your house of gains, and Moon in Scorpio, you’d want to be a spendthrift...only this time you want to spruce up your living space. You might have to host unexpected guests today.
Tarot: Look forward to reuniting with old friends and long-lost family, Leo. Life will give you many opportunities to celebrate. A reunion or meeting an old friend will bring that smile back. Avoid being churlish with loved ones. 

With Mercury in Retrograde, it’ll be wise to double-check everything you’re doing/planning today. Your bond with your immediate fam is stronger than ever, and now is the time to strengthen those friendships too, Virgo. If you’ve been feeling spiritual off-late, take some time out to meditate today.
Tarot: Virgos, you are going to make it big today. Your fame will grow and things that have been bothering you will get resolved on their own! A man might surprise you...

With Moon in Scorpio and Jupiter in Retrograde, today is the day to relax and revel in your accomplishments. This day will bring you strong monetary gains. If you’ve been waiting for a raise or a deal to happen, you might hear some good news. You’re feeling very motivated and would want to take on more work—but beware of burnout.
Tarot: You might begin the day by brooding over things that no longer serve your purpose. This is the day to rise and get chalk out a POA. A brilliant opportunity awaits you, don’t let it get away.

Moon is in your sign and Jupiter in Retrograde—both these planetary positions are working in your favour, making you extremely focused and determined. Today is the day when all your dreams come true, especially on the relationship front. Your lord of luck afflicting your zodiac will make things pretty smooth for you.
Tarot: Scorpions, your zeal to take risks has made you a pro at it! You would want to take complete control of your love life. This is the time to shift your energies on trying/learning something new. Try being more optimistic today.



Astro: With Retrograde Saturn and Sun with Mars Combust in your house of partnerships, this is a great time to reflect on relationship with your partner—your level of compatibility and understanding. With Moon and Jupiter Retrograde in your house of travels, be prepared to travel. Take care of your expenses—you might end up burning a hole in your pocket.

Tarot: You will feel on top of the world, today, and will be creative in everything that you do! The strong emotional bond that you share with your better half will keep you going. You may feel oversensitive, and get miffed with a male figure, which can change the tone of the day, for the worse. You can feel a little anxiety due to issues/things that are stuck.



Astro: With Moon in Scorpio, you will receive a lot of support from your partner today. If you’ve been working on a business venture or a project, there are high chances of making profits in it. With Venus Combust in your house of losses, it’s best to just go with the flow. You can feel the lack of appreciation pulling you down. With Mercury Retrograde and Combust Mars, try avoiding any confrontations.

Tarot: You’ve been feeling pretty lazy, but ensure you don’t end up losing an opportunity because of it. Moving out of your comfort zone can make you reach your true potential. You may need to take action as soon as possible. Figure what’s not working for you, and sort it out—get moving! There could be a trip on the cards, which will keep you busy.



Astro: If you’ve been feeling low, perhaps focusing on your career will make you feel better. It is advisable to avoid any tiff at home today. You will enjoy a a good bonding session with your father, or boss. Make the most of today.

Tarot: You will slay the day with your generosity today. The beginning of the day may start on a slow note, but it will gradually pick up. This is the day to take risks. If you plan to start a new chapter of your life, don’t worry about no-one supporting you—it will be taken care of, the universe has your back. Your ideas and strategies will make you go places.



Astro: With Moon in Scorpio, you’ll be good at managing most of your work today. You’ll also spend some time counting your blessings. Today is also a good day to learn a new skill, or delve into deeper meanings of things. A good time with family is on the cards, too.

Tarot: With two court cards coming up for you, be ready to take charge of the day! You’ll realise that you have the ability to take important decisions today. A male figure will give you a pleasant surprise. You might find the loss of a relationship challenging, but you’ll be able to overcome it. Be open to new things.


Predictions by Shruti Dwivedi Email: shrutydivedi@gmail.com Instagram: ://ShrutiDwivediOfficial