Here’s the dessert you should take to bed with you based on your zodiac sign 

Looks like your sexy time is going to get a *sweet* upgrade.  

26 April, 2024
Here’s the dessert you should take to bed with you based on your zodiac sign 

You know what is hot? Foreplay. And you know what is hotter? Food foreplay. The concept of taking food into the bedroom is not an old concept, but it’s still not used as much. If you’re looking to spice up your sex sessions, it’s a good place to start. And don’t worry about making a mess—it’s all part of the fun! Just one thing, don’t forget to get your partner’s consent first—not everyone likes surprises, even if they are of the delicious type. 

Ahead, Cosmopolitan India tells you which dessert you should add to your sex routine, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries—whipped cream

You’re all about keeping life uncomplicated and direct. If there is something unnecessary and frivolous, you like to do away with it. Same goes for your preferences in bed—making whipped cream the perfect candidate for food foreplay. Is it messy? Definitely. Is it also a classic choice? Yes. Buy a can of whipped cream and go to town with your partner by making the good ol’ whipped cream bikini or using it as a precursor to oral sex. 


Chill vibes? That’s you. When it comes to the bedroom too, you don’t mind giving up control and letting your partner lead the way. Nutella is a tried-and-tested sweet treat you can’t go wrong with. During your next time in bed, give your partner a jar of the spread and a spoon and see in which direction the night goes for you *wink*. 

Gemini—ice cream

ice cream

As a Gemini, you are a bundle of energy—you love being spontaneous and playful in bed (and outside of it too!). While a lot of people use ice as foreplay (thanks to that ice cube scene from Fifty Shades of Grey), ice cream is another popular dessert to take to the bedroom (thanks, again to the ice cream scene from Fifty Shades Freed where Christian eats ice cream of her *ahem* nether regions). Take inspiration from the movie and eat a spoonful of ice cream before kissing for that spine-tingling hot and cold sensation. 

Cancer—chocolate syrup

chocolate syrup

Being a Cancerian means you are highly intuitive, and when it comes to sex, you love taking it slow. Since the whole experience is all about making an emotional connect for you, chocolate syrup, or melted chocolate will be perfect to incorporate into foreplay. Chocolate is totally sexy, and we promise there’s nothing hotter than a slow, teasing drizzle of chocolate syrup (though licking it off would come close!).

Leo—gooey brownie 

If there are two words that would describe you aptly, it would be passionate and dramatic. And no dessert puts on a show quite like a warm, gooey slice of brownie. Take your dramatic flair to the sheets with the decadent treat but make sure it’s warm and not hot!



As a Virgo, you like being the pragmatic one, but despite your love for order and rigidity, you don’t mind being open to new things in bed. For this reason, honey would be ideal—it’s flirty and fun, but isn’t as outrageous as Jell-O shots (read: Aquarius). 

Libra— salted caramel spread

Balance is key for you as a Libra, and salted caramel fits the bill—it’s not saccharine like some of the other contenders on the list, with the salt and the caramel-y bitterness counteracting the sweetness. Plus, we don’t know about you but salted caramel spread gives major sexy vibes!

Scorpio—chocolate-coated strawberries

strawberry chocolate

Oh, Scorpios. You are notorious for having a high sex drive and being down for dirty time, all the time. Your mysterious nature is what makes you so seductive, and you know what else is totally seductive? Chocolate-covered strawberries, the OG sexy food item. Take a box of chocolate-covered strawberries to bed and snack on it with your partner for guaranteed fun.

Sagittarius—berry jam 

If there’s one thing you’re always ready for, it’s a good time. And nothing spells a good time like a spoonful of tart, delicious berry jam eaten off your partner’s body. It is bound to get sticky and messy, but knowing your nature, you’ll hundred per cent get a kick out of it!



Sex is a total adventure with you, and one of the most daring desserts you can take to bed is a popsicle. There’s something about its fleeting nature and the act of eating it (need we elaborate more?) that makes it a brilliant addition between the sheets. 

Aquarius—Jell-O shots 

Given the traits of Aquarius, experimentation in bed is totally your thing. You love thinking out of the box so we wouldn’t put it past you to indulge in a game of body shots with your partner. Take it to the next level with the ultimate boozy dessert/snack—the Jell-O shot. It is bound to get slightly chaotic but you’re in for an exciting time, and the alcohol will give you just the right amount of buzz to keep the fun going. 

Pisces—mango pudding

Being a Pisces means you can be anyone or anything you want to be, which you know, comes in handy for some basic cosplay. Put on your best bikini and pretend you’re on a beach vacation with your bae, while you eat mango pudding with them. Mango is inherently sensual (I mean, have you seen the infamous Katrina Kaif ad for Slice?), and the fruit in rich pudding form will surely spice things up.